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Good Fortune Bayberry Tea Candle Set

Good Fortune Bayberry Tea Candle Set


Looking for an enchanting holiday tradition? Try this!

Set of 6 Bayberry Good Fortune Candles!

Light one on Christmas and let it burn out naturally. Bring good fortune for the coming year!

This is a historical tradition! Candles have lit up the dark winter months for as long as they've existed! Start this tradition at your house this year!

One for each family member, child, grandchild...or one for the whole family...for 6 years in one package!

Bayberry wax is the original luxury candle wax, as it was the first type of candle that didn't smell terrible! A couple hundred years ago, it was widely used, especially in the Eastern United States.

The wax is collected from the waxy residue on the leaves of a bayberry bush/tree. The leaves are boiled and the wax floats to the surface of the water, where it is skimmed off and made into candles.

It has become a very very rare commodity and you'll note that it is a pricey but beautiful type of candle full of history and tradition. Why not make it part of your holiday tradition!

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