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Frog Relief Pillar Candle

Frog Relief Pillar Candle


This is a large rectangular pillar with gorgeously detailed relief artwork of two frogs in a pond with foliage.

Select paraffin, soy blend, natural or white beeswax.

Beeswax orders do not require additional color or fragrance selection, as the natural fragrance of beeswax is a lovely floral/honey. I do not add colorant to my beeswax candles.

Paraffin colors are mottled (with lots of interesting surface effects) and nice bright vivid colors.

Soy blend colors will be creamy and more muted, as the natural color of the soy wax adds a milky element to the colors.

This lovely candle looks great in white, but done in marbled yellows greens it makes a gorgeous life-like scene.

Available in any fragrance, but suggestions are Ocean Mist, Beach Linen, Citrus & Sea Salt, Beach Daisies, or herbal/floral blends.

Please request custom colors and fragrances at checkout or email for a custom listing.

Fragrance list for M Design Boutique:

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